How to Come Up with a Business Name

Business Name

You can come up with a business name idea by using a word that has a ring to it, which is called an Onomatopoeic word. This word has associations that are favorable to the company. The name you choose should be something that people associate with the company. Onomatopoeic words and phrases are great for this purpose. For example, the word “pearl” is associated with a beautiful, white pearl.

Onomatopoeic words

The use of onomatopoeic words in business name choices has several advantages. They fit any business, and they have inherent energy to them. The name “Kellogg’s Rice Krispies” is a perfect example. These words are reminiscent of the sounds of a bowl of ‘Rice Krispies,’ but they have added energy. The name of the company should convey that energy.

Onomatopoeic phrases

One way to make a name memorable is to use an onomatopoeic phrase. In its simplest form, onomatopoeia refers to a sound or feeling that occurs when liquid is expelled. For instance, the “fizz” in an Alka-Seltzer commercial refers to the sound of the liquid, which often makes the user think of the product itself. These words were first used in the late 1600s.

There are many examples of onomatopoeic phrases. “Pow” is one of the most common and fun words to say, but it is also one of the most difficult to spell. In fact, “pow” is the oldest onomatopoeic word in the English language. James Joyce invented the term “tattarrattat” to describe the sound of a door knock. “Pow” is even listed in the Oxford English Dictionary as far back as 1580. “Pow” has an imitative meaning, describing the noise of a loud sound or an explosion. “Hachoo” is a term for a sneeze, while “tut-tut” conveys disapproval.

If you want to combine poetry and a business name, an onomatopoeic phrase is a good way to go. Onomatopoeic phrases are words that sound like what they are, and are particularly impressive if they are tied to a company’s personality. For example, if your company specializes in video communications, it might be a good idea to use onomatopoeic words.

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